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I believe most people possess an innate curiosity towards their roots and where they came from. Yet, many of us also lack the time, resources or energy to find out more. If this statement describes you, I would be honored to conduct research on your behalf. Let me use my experience and education to help answer your questions about your genealogy quickly and accurately.


I strive to conduct genealogical work which can be held up to the Genealogical Proof Standard delineated by the Board for Certification of Genealogists1 :


     1. Reasonably Exhaustive Search

     2. Complete and accurate citation of sources

     3. Analysis and Correlation of Collected Items

     4. Resolution of Conflicting Evidence

     5. Soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion




I charge $25 per hour for client research. Transportation costs within my local area are not charged. Fees for incidentals such as photocopies and parking are included in the hourly rate. Exceptions to these guidelines will be discussed with the client before any additional charges are incurred. The client will be responsible for costs involved in ordering otherwise unavailable records from government agencies, such as copies of birth and death certificates, but these types of records will not be ordered without prior client permission.


How it Works

Begin by contacting me and sharing what information you are specifically seeking. Once a specific research question is understood by both the client and myself, I will send the client my Terms of Service, Use Permission Form and a detailed questionnaire. It is the client's responsibility to share all known information about the research question at hand to avoid the researcher conducting billable research regarding already known information.


After the client submits the signed Terms of Service, Use Permission Form and completed questionnaire, I will conduct a preliminary survey to estimate the time and scope of research necessary to answer the question at hand, after which I will give an estimate of time needed to conduct the research. At this point, I will require a 20% retainer of the agreed upon time estimate. The balance will be due upon completion of the project. If the project is complete in fewer hours than estimated, the client will not be billed for the additional estimated time




How long should I expect the research to take?

 The time involved in answering a specific genealogy question depends upon the nature of research question at hand, the availability of the records and any number of other factors.


What if my research question falls outside your scope of practice?

Though the rules of good genealogy can be applied to any research question, no genealogist can be an expert in every time period, ethnic or geographic region. Furthermore, genealogists are often inhibited by geography. Though a family line can be located in one geographic region they likely originated somewhere else. Often, the records specific to that geographic region can only be accessed there. In some cases, employing a subcontractor to retrieve appropriate documents would be the most appropriate course of action. In other cases, another researcher with more specific expertise could best handle the research question at hand. In such cases, I will always keep the client’s best interest at hand when determining when a project has reached a point beyond my expertise.


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1Board for Certification of Genealogists, Genealogy Standards, 50th Anniversary Edition. (Nashville:, 2014), 1.



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