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Almost Home


Almost Home can retrieve and email you a copy of any single-page record available at the Family History Library for a $15 per document fee. Multiple page documents or multiple record requests will be charged by the hourly rate of $30/hour. Please note this service applies to public records such as vital records, city directories, probate records, etc. Requests for large portions of copies from copyrighted material that are in violation of copyright law will not be accepted.


How it Works:

Contact me with details regarding the records for which you are looking. Please include (if applicable) the microfilm number, and any other identifying information such as page number, image number, etc. Please note that in case of the rare event in which the record cannot be found, or fails in some way to meet expectations, the client will still be responsible for all charges.


Rates: $15 per single page record or $30/hour for multiple records/pages.


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